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Achieve More While Doing Less

The Full Focus Planner allows you to focus on work that matters so you can achieve your goals.


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Achieve Goals with Clarity and Focus

On the journey to lasting success, distraction surrounds you at every turn. With Full Focus Products, you can banish distractions and focus on what matters—at work and at home.

Hi! I’m Justin Winstead,
The Improver Coach.

Justin is a Full Focus Certified Facilitator and hosts workshops and private consultations on the Full Focus System.

He has spent over 20 years in business, leadership, and personal growth and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience to help people and teams be better and accomplish more.

Get in touch with Justin today to schedule your workshop or consultation.


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With The Full Focus System,

You Always Win

A Proven Process For Achieving Goals.

Three keys to achieving your most ambitious goals and having the lifestyle you desire.

Full Focus System Annual Goals
Full Focus System Weekly Big 3
Full Focus System Daily Big 3

Learn how to plan your time and get ahead in life. You might already own a Full Focus Planner or this is your first time learning about the Full Focus System. If you're new, welcome!

The Full Focus System is based on the science behind neuroplasticity, a proven process for achieving goals.

Use the framework below to win at work and succeed at life.

Full Focus System Annual Goals

Annual Goals


Everyone sets goals. It's human to do that. But achieving our goals is another thing entirely. Don’t waste your time trying to do things “the right way.” Instead, let the Full Focus System work for you. It will save you time and money, and in the end, you’ll achieve far more than you could ever have hoped for.

How Annual Goals Work

Step 1

Define 8 Annual Goals, and get specific.

Step 2

Dig into the details on each Annual Goal.

Step 3

Divide your 8 Annual Goals into Quarterly Goals.

Full Focus System Weekly Big 3

Weekly Big 3


Breaking your Quarterly goals into weekly objectives and daily actions lets you identify and reach each step to achieving your goals. As with any goal, you achieve it by taking one step at a time.

How The Weekly Big 3 Works

Step 1

Define 8 Annual Goals, and get specific.

Step 2

Dig into the details on each Annual Goal.

Step 3

Divide your 8 Annual Goals into Quarterly Goals.

Step 4

Divide your 8 Annual Goals into Quarterly Goals.

Step 5

Divide your 8 Annual Goals into Quarterly Goals.

Full Focus System Daily Big 3

Daily Big 3

KEY NO. 3`

The Daily Big 3 the obviates being overwhelmed by your daily priorities, and helps you take control of your to-do list.

By now you will have divided your Annual Goals into your Quarterly Big 3, and used it to make your Weekly Big 3. The Daily Big 3 allows your to transform your gigantic goals into smaller daily achievements.

Discover the strategic steps to knocking our your Daily Big 3, and feeling like every day is a win!

How The Daily Big 3 Works

Step 1

Set your Daily Big 3.

Step 2

Keep everything in the same place.

Step 3

Create a rhythm.

Expedite Your Goals And Achieve Greater Success

There are many methods to achieve your goals. The problem is that not all methods are suitable for everyone. However, anyone willing to learn and follow a proven system will be able to achieve their goals.

Like the old adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” If you don’t have a plan, then you’re more likely to make mistakes and fail to achieve your goals. To avoid this, I suggest using the best system specific to you and your goals. The Full Focus System gives you this, plus a lot more.


What People Are Saying

"Essential tool"

"I loved the full focus planner so much I bought it for my whole family. All six of us have been using the system and profiting from it. It's an essential tool for essential living."

Greg McKeown Full Focus

Greg McKeown - Author, Essentialism.

"Whole new level"

"I've been using the full focus planner and have my team leaders using it as well. I'm a focused and productive person, but this has taken it to a whole new level."

Dr. Josh Axe Full Focus

Dr. Josh Axe - Founder, Dr.Axe.com

"Building a future they're proud of!"

"The full focus planner has been vital in helping me achieve my goals, both for business, and in my personal life. I highly recommend it to anyone focused on building a future they're proud of.

Patt Flynn Full Focus

Patt Flynn - CEO, Flynndustries.

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